Wed | Jun 16, 2021

Something Extra | Thursday

Published:Thursday | June 10, 2021 | 12:10 AM
HR professional Khalice Bradshaw spoke to the importance of employees planning for their future with a pension.
Monique Foster, business development officer, Victoria Mutual Pensions Management Limited, and Rushane ‘Rushcam’ Campbell strike a pose for the cameras following the live stream.
Rushane ‘Rushcam’ Campbell, social media personality and lawyer, wore business casual while moderating the first session in the ‘Future Forward’ webinar series.
Monique Foster, business development officer, Victoria Mutual Pensions Management, provided insight on the types of pensions available for professionals and self-employed people during the ‘Future Forward’ webinar.
Davie Martin, manager, asset management, VM Wealth Management Limited, provided his expert perspectives on how to grow wealth for your future self.

Victoria Mutual Pensions Management Limited kick-started its new webinar series, Future Forward, last week. The series aims to flip the script on retirement by debunking common myths and transforming the way persons plan for the future. The engaging conversation was held under the theme: ‘Your future self will thank you’. Hundreds joined the live discussion, moderated by lawyer and social media personality, Rushane ‘Rushcam’ Campbell, on the company’s social media pages. Here are the ‘Extra’ highlights.