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Keep church out of legislation

Published:Monday | October 20, 2014 | 1:51 PM


Despite not formally being part of the committee tasked with reviewing the Sexual Offences Act, the presence and force of the 'Church' can be felt.

The Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society (JCHS) is a group of professed Christians who wish to remedy all of Jamaica’s problems by vilifying a group of persons who by virtue of their decision to honour self, have been accused of waging war against a heaven-sent code.

JCHS’ opposition to any discourse that implies a level of fairness and non-discrimination for all persons of interest in that piece of legislation tends to be based solely on the meager premise of Christian morality. That is especially so because their arguments, to which they are entitled, are asinine and archaic.

Christian morality, however widespread, has no place in a legal discussion on what are essentially human rights. The ‘fact’ that Christianity and homosexuality are irreconcilable [is subject to debate] has no relevance, and therefore, an actual member of the committee has no place acquiescing.

As such, what JCHS identifies as Judeo-Christian values is not only self-serving but also volatile. You cannot propose to enrich the social, spiritual, physical, emotional and mental health of the society by imprisoning persons for their private affairs. Love and hate can never be friends.

Yohan Lee