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Linstead grand market won't be affected

Published:Thursday | December 11, 2014 | 3:42 PMRuddy Mathison

LINSTEAD, St Catherine:

THE ANNUAL Grand Market in Linstead, St Catherine will not be affected if phase two of the market is not completed in time for the event scheduled for December 24, according to Herbert Garriques, councillor for the Linstead division

Garriques said the parish council is coordinating with the police to have traffic diverted from the town square to allow vendors and shoppers to function unimpeded.

"The plan is to have vendors occupying both sides of the streets leading to the town square and in the square itself with enough space in the middle for the free movement of emergency vehicles," said Garriques. He added that the police have bought into the idea and a number of streets will be closed off.

Vendors on the street

"The town looks forward to Grand Market shopping. No vendor stays in the market, everyone is out on the street, so phase two still incomplete will not be a problem," Garriques stressed.

The multimillion-dollar refurbishing and remodelling project is being funded by the Urban Development Corporation.

Phase three - which will see the erection of stores in front of the market to house gift shops, cafeterias and clothing stores - will begin early next year, and when completed will fit into a vision articulated by the first-term Linstead councillor.

"I made active representation for this market, town centre and transportation

centre as part of my vision to see the town of Linstead once again transformed into a town of historical significance," said Garriques.