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Why the Education Ministry has banned the Charlie, Charlie game in schools

Published:Friday | May 29, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Education Minister Ronald Thwaites.

The Education Minister has issued a ban against students playing in schools, the game called the Charlie, Charlie Challenge.

In a bulletin issued today, Chief Education Officer Grace McLean instructed schools to monitor students to ensure they are not allowed to play the game.

The Ministry issued the ban following reports from several schools across the island of very disruptive behaviour by students who engaged in the game.

The Ministry says some reports indicated that students displayed demon-possessed or paranormal behaviour while playing the game.

School administrators are urged to immediately contact the regional offices of the Education Ministry if they need help and further support to address the situation.

The Education Ministry is also calling for parents and guardians to monitor their children carefully outside of school.

“Based on the reviews of Charlie, Charlie Challenge there can be serious psychological effects on children,” a ministry spokesperson said in a release.

“Parents and guardians should note that the playing of this game can also result in serious physical harm to our children.

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