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JC Honours Professor Stuart Hall

Published:Friday | June 5, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Stuart Hall was a foremost public intellectual and a leading political figure in Britain.

Known as one of the founding fathers of the New Left and cultural studies, Hall's distinguished journey in the halls of British politics and academia began at Jamaica College (JC) where he excelled as a student leader.

Last Friday, members of the JC community gathered to reflect on the life and times of the renowned scholar.

JC Principal Ruel Reid said he was astonished at Hall's accomplishments and wanted the students of JC to be inspired by his contributions.

Dr John Maxwell, a retired university lecturer who was a schoolmate of Hall, shared stories about his time with him while they were at JC.

His widow, Catherine Hall, shared a video about his life in Britain and gave an inside view of his family life.

Hugh Small, who was a close friend of Hall when he was alive, said he was an influential figure who helped to shape West Indian society in Britain.

Even though he did not return to live in Jamaica after leaving for Britain to take up studies after winning the Rhodes Scholarship, Hall visited regularly and longed to see his homeland lead the region in the Federation movement.

"I suspect that one of the reasons he never returned to Jamaica to live was because Federation had failed," said Small.

Reflection on the work of the distinguished cultural studies scholar was shared by JC students who attended the event.

At the end of the ceremony, the Stuart Hall Award was announced and a portrait of Hall presented to his widow.