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Distance healing: Myth or reality

Published:Wednesday | July 1, 2015 | 12:00 AMDr Glenville Ashby
One of the famous healers in the world, John of God from Brazil.

Keith Antonio Silva is controversial and provocative. He claims to have had personal relationships destroyed because of a gift he discovered when he was nine years old. His reputation as a healer is unchallenged with thousands of testimonials at hand.

His services are not given freely, but as he puts it: "Would the likes of Picasso give away his finest work of art?"

Silva refers to humankind as his responsibility, his bride. "Every disciple has a date with destiny." He is not your typical healer who lays hands on the sick. This method, he says, has destroyed healers.

History has borne this out. Sickness, ailments, mental disturbances are spiritually transferable. But there is more to this contentious statement.

"I have studied the most famous healers in the world, including John of God from Brazil, and most invoke intermediaries - spirits, angels, or what have you; but who created these entities? Failure to understand this law sometimes leads to disastrous results," said Silva.


ocean of love


"A genuine healer taps into that ocean of love that we call God. This is exactly what Jesus did, that's why he said only the Father is perfect; that Father is the source. It is the first principle, pure consciousness.

"If you cannot access it, you are subject to major problems although you may call yourself a healer. If you are one with that power, you cannot be adversely affected by spirit attachments that cause trauma, shame, and guilt and lead to so many diseases. Healing can be transmitted via a different way - by distance."

Silva, author of Commanding The Light, recalls a strange, powerful, electrifying experience as a child; of being lifted up; of being immersed in brilliance during a state of conscious dreaming.

"I felt that I was going to explode. I later noticed that my left hand emitted a strange heat, a heat that I directed to my dad's aches, and later, friends and relatives, with amazing results. More startling was being able to somehow know where their discomfort was located."

The son of Rhode Island, argues that real healers are born and cites his Basque heritage as an indisputable source of his gift. "The Basque language contains unimaginable metaphysical powers," stated Silva.

Today, 90 per cent of Silva's treatments are performed over the phone and his success rate is staggering - heart disease, cancer, autism, addictions, depression, AIDS, and the list goes on and on.

But there have also been detractors, disillusioned clients, and complaints. However, that has not deterred Silva.

"I must first ask my client's permission before beginning my work," said Silva as he conceded that only God can produce perfect results.

Further, Silva does not accept every healing request. "I am aware of the potential outcome of a case, and if I am not the best choice, I will advise the client to consider other options or modalities."

Rejecting the term "psychic" because of all the baggage it carries, Silva views himself as a healer and medical intuitive. He speaks of information, knowledge, and wisdom. His analogy is intriguing. "Knowledge is being able to make it rain; Wisdom is knowing when to make it rain."

Philosophical, metaphorical, and poetic, Silva explains consciousness as an exhaustive, infinite pool of energy that we can plug into, although most of us are unaware of our potential. This explains how distance healing works.


the laws of the universe


"Think of healing much like other things you cannot see, touch, taste, or smell, such as air, wind, electricity, or radio waves. We are just not attuned to perceive these things, but we know they work because the laws of the universe command them. The same holds true for medical intuitiveness and distance healing.

"My work transcends spiritual healing. Healing is easy; awakening my client or student is much harder. I have to enlighten them that adversities can be overcome, and while the road may have potholes, our vehicles must be built to withstand them."

He cites a long-standing prayer: God is light and as we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another."

"GOD," he says, stands for, "Ground of Our Dwelling."

He advocates spiritual growth, adding, "There is nothing wrong being born into a religion as long as you don't die in the same religion."

Silva cautions us against thinking in "I" terms, and refers to Buddhist and Hindu philosophies that decry individualist thinking.

"Who are you? Keep asking yourself that question. Just keep asking yourself," he repeats, and offers, "You will surely find out the answer." And while he believes in reincarnation and other realities besides earth, Silva reaffirms that we will ultimately merge with the Source that he describes as "Parental". In essence, he notes, "death does not exist."

However, for this to be realised, we must reject thinking in dualistic terms. "You don't experience sunshine if it is raining constantly. But sunshine exists."

According to Silva, we must focus on the clouds, then the sky, and beyond, for only then can we experience the light that is within us. We cannot be separate from the Source. We must learn to be a continuation of this Pure Light," he ends.

n Dr Ashby is the president of Global Interfaith Council Corp. Feedback: or follow him on Twitter @glenvilleashby