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Water management heads contemplate building pipelines to move water from northern to southern parishes

Published:Tuesday | July 7, 2015 | 3:04 PM

The country’s leading water management professionals are contemplating building pipelines to move water from northern to southern parishes.

Continued drought conditions have resulted in the National Water Commission (NWC) having to limit the supply of the commodity to every other day in the Corporate Area.

A prohibition order is also now in effect to manage the use of water.

Managing Director of the Water Resource Authority, Basil Fernandez, says the plan is feasible as rainfall is considerably higher on the northern end of the island.

For Acting President of the NWC Mark Barnett, 'desperate situations call for desperate measures'.

According to him there has to be a major infrastructure investment to solve the problem.

The NWC boss says a project of this magnitude would circumvent storage concerns in the Kingston Metropolitan Region.

Barnett says the project would be one of the better approaches to move the water from those parishes into the areas that it is needed most.

Meanwhile, Fernandez says the pipelines could run parallel to the highway being constructed by the China Harbour Engineering Company.