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Alleged gangster 'Rooksie' gives unsworn statement, shies away from cross-examination

Published:Wednesday | July 8, 2015 | 6:55 PMBarbara Gayle Justice Coordinator

Alleged gangster, Uriel 'Rooksie' James, has given an unsworn statement denying any involvement in a man's murder for which he is now on trial.

James, who is popularly known as Rooksie, is accused of the 1999 murder of security guard Errol McGeachy.

By giving an unsworn statement, James will not be cross-examined by the prosecutor.

However, a character witness was called on his behalf who was cross-examined at length by attorney-at-law Kathy Pike who represents the Crown.

The trial got underway on June 18 after the court accepted a statement given by the main witness who has died.

James is the reputed gang leader of the Rose Town-based Discipline Gang in Kingston.

He is represented by Queen’s Counsel, Jacqueline Samuels Brown and attorneys-at-law Patrick Bailey and Linda Wright.

Justice Bertram Morrison is presiding over the trial being heard by a 12-member jury.