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Dominican Republic embassy defends country's decision to deport persons of Haitian descent

Published:Wednesday | July 8, 2015 | 9:22 PM

The embassy of the Dominican Republic in Kingston is seeking to defend that country's decision to deport persons of Haitian descent from its shores.

The Dominican Republic’s Ambassador to Jamaica, Jose Tomas Ares says the human rights of Haitians were observed under what it termed its National Plan for Migratory Regulation.

He stresses that during the 18 month period of the enforcement plan, no Haitian was kicked out of the country.

This, he says, was intended to facilitate a smooth regularisation process.

Ambassador Ares says the removal of persons of Haitian descent was done in a spirit of humanity.

He says even now, pregnant women are being facilitated by the Dominican Republic and scholarships are being granted to Haitian students.

The Ambassador is also stressing that Haitians were not kicked out initially, but were assisted with returning voluntarily in keeping with their human rights.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Ares says the Dominican Republic inherited a system that has for decades kept the country under a situation of administrative exposure and weaknesses, that it was attempting to correct.

He says under its Regularisation plan, 55,000 persons have been granted Dominican nationality by the Central Board of Elections.

Ares was speaking at a press conference in Kingston this morning.