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I did not know that I was being sought by a bailiff - policewoman

Published:Wednesday | July 8, 2015 | 7:03 PM

 Udine Downy, a senior policewoman who a bailiff claimed he could not locate to honour a $700,000 debt, is contending that she was not aware that she was being sought. 

Last December, a woodworker, Dennis Davis, obtained a court order for seizure and sale against the acting superintendent to get the money due to him. 

However, the bailiff in the matter, Humphrey Jones, disclosed that since the order, he has been unsuccessful in finding the policewoman who is based in the Clarendon Police Division. 

He also told The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre that he visited the station where the woman works on at at least four occasions, and each time he was told that she was not at work.

However, the cop is insisting that she received no report that the bailiff was seeking her. 

Meanwhile, she has filed an application in the Supreme Court to have the order for seizure and sale set aside.

The application came before a Supreme Court judge last week but was reportedly put off until January next year. 

Meanwhile, attorney who is representing the woodworker, Xavier Mayne, says he has received notice of the application. 

However, he says it does not block attempts to get the outstanding money from the cop and his client is still pursuing the seizure and sale order against the policewoman. 

The woodworker had brought a successful suit against the cop for failing to pay him the full amount for work he did on her house in 2009.