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68-year-old British resident stranded in Jamaica, lawyer seeks High Commission's intervention

Published:Thursday | July 9, 2015 | 8:26 PM

The attorney-at-law representing a 68-year-old British resident who has been left stranded in Jamaica is calling on the British High Commission to intervene in the case.

The attorney Jennifer Housen says her client, who has lived in Britain since 1962, came to Jamaica last November for a funeral.

However, she says when he attempted to return to Britain he was issued with a refusal of entry clearance.

Housen says the problem arose due to ambiguities in the  United Kingdom's visa policy regime.

She says there is nothing in law that makes it mandatory for persons who have settled in the country before or on January 1, 1973, to get a British visa.

Housen says her client, Neville Mckenzie sought the guidance of his Member of Parliament in Britain, Kate Howe on the matter before traveling to Jamaica.

She says Mckenzie has a letter from the MP, informing him that there would be no difficulty with him returning to the country after his visit.

According to Housen, she has made several attempts to get in touch with the British High Commission in relation to the matter.

However, she says her efforts have been unsuccessful.


Attorney-at-law Jennifer Housen

Housen says she is hoping to get the attention of the British High Commission to expedite the process to get Mckenzie home.

An official from the the British High Commission has indicated that they are aware of the matter and will be issuing a statement in relation to the matter.

Meanwhile, the attorney-at-law says she has gotten in touch with Mckenzie’s Member of Parliament in Britain to bring attention to the issue, which she says could affect many Jamaicans in Britain.


Attorney-at-law Jennifer Housen

Mckenzie’s case is at least the second in the last seven months.

In January, the British High Commissioner, David Fitton had to intervene when 64-year-old, Lloyd Bogle who had been living in England for more than 50 years was left stranded in Jamaica after a two week visit.

Bogle was eventually able to return to Britain after the case was brought to the attention of United Kingdom Immigration authorities.