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Any law abiding citizen can join the PNP, says General Secretary

Published:Friday | July 10, 2015 | 10:20 AM

General Secretary of the People’s National Party (PNP) Paul Burke has said any law abiding citizen who wishes to join the party should be able to do so in response to opposition to the membership of former Labourite, Joan Gordon Webley.

On Wednesday the PNP confirmed that it had received and approved an application for membership to the party by Gordon Webley.

However, that announcement has been met with rage from some PNP members.

The furious PNP supporters took to various social networks to vent over the inclusion of the controversial political figure, who has had numerous run-ins with PNP supporters over the past 35 years.

They have threatened to take the leadership to task at the next meeting of the National Executive Council, the second most powerful organ in the PNP behind the annual conference.

However, Burke says the PNP is a democratic party and membership of the party should not be confused with being a candidate for the party.


General Secretary of the People’s National Party, Paul Burke.

In relation to unsavoury comments by Gordon Webley about PNP president Portia Simpson Miller in the past, Burke said Simpson Miller does not carry grudges.

He says she is always willing to accept people if there is the possibility they could add value to the party.