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Legal action filed to prevent release of information on Falmouth cruise ship pier

Published:Monday | July 13, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Royal Caribbean has filed an action to stop the release of information on the Falmouth pier.

As a result, the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) has again been denied documents related to the Falmouth cruise ship pier despite an order of the appeals tribunal of the Access to Information Act (ATI) that the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) release the information.

In a release, JET said that in September 2012 it requested the ground lease agreement and the piers usage agreement between the PAJ and Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited with respect to the Falmouth cruise ship pier. 

Access to those documents was denied on the basis that they contained confidential information of a commercial nature which would prejudice the interests of the parties.

JET filed an appeal under the ATI Act contending that the confidential information could be redacted and the rest of the documents provided. 

The appeal was heard in November and December 2013, but the tribunal's decision was not handed down until April 2015. 

The appeal tribunal ordered that the PAJ release the documents requested to JET and specified what information was to be redacted. 

Despite the tribunal’s decision, the documents were not provided. 

The PAJ advised JET recently that Royal Caribbean Cruises has applied for and obtained permission to proceed with a judicial review of the tribunal's decision, the release said.

An order was also made that the permission to proceed operates as a stay of the tribunal’s decision pending the outcome of the judicial review.