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Strategies being implemented to have Clarendon students use school bus system

Published:Monday | July 13, 2015 | 4:00 PM

The management of the school bus system in Clarendon has indicated that strategies are being put in place to deal with issues affecting the system.

Acting Community Programmes Coordinator, Tissona Ormsby, says one of the main issues is that students have not being using the designated buses and bus parks.

Ormsby says transport operators are complaining that they are being put at a disadvantage.

According to her, students have been shunning the school bus system, which was launched in February, and have been using unauthorised buses.

She says schools administrators have also complained about the situation.

Ormsby also says loader men working for other bus operators have been luring the students away from the designated buses.


Tissona Ormsby, Acting Community Programmes Coordinator of the school bus system in Clarendon

Ormsby was speaking at a Clarendon Parish Council meeting last week.

She said effort is being made to have members of the Police and the Transport Authority step in to address the issue.

Ormsby said parents and students are to be sensitised about the school bus system.

She said the parish council and the Ministry of Education are also to be engaged to help address the issues.