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Manchester logs on to job-seeker network

Published:Tuesday | July 14, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey

In a bid to strengthen ties between the public and private sectors and offer a platform for job providers and job seekers, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security last Thursday signed a memorandum of understanding with the Manchester Chamber of Commerce (MCOC).

According to Loven McCook, president of the MCOC, persons seeking jobs are now able to visit it's office to use the new Labour Market Information System (LMIS).

LMIS is a free Internet-based system designed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and allows job providers to post vacancies and job seekers to post résumés. The system, which acts as a virtual job agency, is also able to match skills and qualifications to a specific job.

"This makes the process of seeking employment and employees simpler. An Internet portal is now located at the MCOC's office at Shop 24, Annex Plaza, Caledonia Road. This was installed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and financed by the International Development Bank," McCook said.

Available for persons within the parish, McCook said ongoing work will be done to ensure the efficiency of the system.

Derrick Kellier, minister of labour and social security, implored young qualified persons to take advantage of the opportunity to gain employment.

"This presents a win-win situation for all job seekers, employers and the Government ... . The LMIS, in particular, is targeting young people, as they are a significant part of the job-seeking population and, in most instances, young people are the ones sought after for job opportunities both locally and abroad. I am encouraging qualified job seekers to use the LMIS," said Kellier.

Kellier expects that members of the business community will explore the inexpensive offerings.