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Police dismiss claim of slow response to attack on policewoman

Published:Wednesday | July 15, 2015 | 5:12 PM

Acting head of the St Andrew South Police, Superintendent Lennox Harper, is disputing reports that police personnel were slow in rendering help to the policewoman who was killed by gunmen last night.

Superintendent Harper says the first police team that responded to the situation acted quickly and assisted Constable Crystal Thomas to hospital for treatment.

She was subsequently pronounced dead at hospital.

Superintendent Harper says based on what he saw last night it might have been a hard task for police first responders to save her life.

According to him, body fragments were found at the scene.


Acting head of the St. Andrew South Police, Superintendent Lennox Harper

Constable Thomas was shot three times, reportedly in the face and the back of the neck.

Individuals, who claim to have been on the scene, and who provided photographs as evidence, have accused the police of being slow in responding to Constable Thomas.

Cops accused of slow response in policewoman's death

According to the alleged eyewitnesses, Constable Thomas lay on the ground alive in her own blood for about half an hour, as a police team watched, before she was taken to hospital.

They further claim that the cops refused to help the policewoman because they said they did not want her blood to stain the government-owned car.