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Elderly woman seeks financial assistance to travel for surgery

Published:Wednesday | July 15, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Winsome Foster seeks help for her sick mother.

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

While Jennifer Foster was eight months pregnant with her daughter, she underwent a major heart surgery that would ensure her heart functioned well for approximately 10 years, but 36 years have now passed and Foster's heart is getting worse, the pain has become unbearable, and her family needs all the help they can get for an urgent operation.

"My mother has had a heart condition since she was a child. She had rheumatic fever which caused damage to her heart, and she has been living a changed life ever since," said her daughter, Winsome Foster.

At 64 years old, Foster is forced to spend her days lying in bed and depending on her two children.

"It's just the two of us, my brother and I, and it has been hard financially. She needs her meds (medication) and though costly, we have to find it. My bank account has been closed because I have used up all my savings on her. I used to work, but I had to stop because I have to take care of Mommy so you know there is no real guaranteed income."

According to her daughter, Foster's hearts glands have become enlarged and are too close together for proper blood flow. The valves, she said, require immediate replacement.

"This operation will not be done in Jamaica, but in New York, and that's one of the reasons why it has taken so long. We are happy that her doctor was able to make plans for the surgery to be done at no cost to us, but we have no money for visa application and travelling," Winsome told Rural Xpress.

With a great need to leave the island by Sunday, July 26, the approximate sum of $J300,000 is needed for the family's travel arrangements.


Operation cost covered


"I can't bear to see my mother like this anymore, and it hurts me to know that the surgery cost has been taken care of and it's just getting to New York is the problem. Last night, she passed out on me and no matter how often it happens, you can never get used to it. The shortness of breath, the pain she says she feels, everything is just overwhelming. I don't want her to die," Foster's daughter said.

With the past few months some of the worst Winsome has encountered with her sick mother, she made a plea to those who are willing and able to help.

"The last thing Mommy wants is for us to worry, but she has always done all she could for us and we want to do the same. I'm asking anyone who is able to assist us; if she doesn't have this surgery done, it is a high possibility that she will die, and I want to save her life. I want her to have a normal life."

Winsome Foster may be contacted at (876) 299-2568.