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Two thousand NW St Ann students to get free medical

Published:Wednesday | July 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Dr Dayton Campbell performs a medical on a child in his constiituency.

It is expected that approximately 2,000 students in North West St Ann who are gearing up for school in September will get free medical checks from Dr Dayton Campbell, member of parliament for the constituency.

Now in its fourth successive year, the programme has seen more than 4,000 children getting free medicals in its first three years.

This year, the programme which started on July 6 at Lower Buxton All-Age School and will culminate on August 27 at Muirhouse Primary and Junior High School, will span 30 days of medical checks in 30 communities.

"It started well, we saw 48 children at Lower Buxton All-Age...," Campbell told The Gleaner.

The free medical checks will ease some of the financial burden off parents who are preparing to send their children to school in September. Parents, eager to take advantage of the offer, have been enquiring about the medicals since June.

"And the fact is, we actually go into the community so they don't have to find bus fare and don't have to find lunch money," Campbell explained.

In previous years, Bamboo has been the community with the largest turnout, numbering 280 last year. This year, Campbell expects the trend to continue.

Over the years, too, the doctor has been assisted by nurses, students, other volunteers and doctors at some locations such as Bamboo where three doctors worked with him last year.

The medicals started on July 6 have covered Lower Buxton, Orange Hill, Brown's Town, Retirement, Chester and Keith.

They continue as follows:

July 16 - Bamboo Primary and Junior High School, July 17 - Liberty Hill/Dumbarton community centre, July 20 - Old Road Basic School, July 22 - Sturge Town Primary School, July 23 - Farm Town basic, July 24 - Runaway Bay All-Age, July 27 - Free Hill Primary School, July 29 - Salem New Testament Church, July 30 - Discovery Bay All-Age School, July 31 - Mount Zion Primary School, August 3 - Philadelphia All-Age School, August 5 - Thicketts Basic School, August 7 - Trysee Baptist Church, August 10 - Lewis Basic School, August 12 - Liberty Church of God, August 13 - Lilyfield Baptist Church, August 14 - Retreat Basic School, August 17 - Queenhythe Health Centre, August 19 - Beverly community centre, August 20 - Belle Air Worship Centre, August 21 - Old Folly Community Centre, August 24 - Summer Hill/Benin Basic School, August 26 - Mount Olivet Baptist Church, August 27 - Muirhouse Primary and Junior High School.