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Local government bill passed without amendment

Published:Friday | July 17, 2015 | 12:58 PM

The Senate has passed legislation to entrench local government in the Constitution.

The Constitution (Amendment) (Local Government) Act 2015 bill was passed this morning without amendment. 

The bill had already been passed by the House of Representatives.


Senate President, Senator Floyd Morris

The local government bill is in keeping with recommendations made in the August 1993 Report on the Constitution of Jamaica and the May 1995 final report of the Joint Select Committee of the Houses of Parliament on Constitutional and Electoral Reform.

The reports emphasised the need for certain public offices and institutions to be included in the Constitution of Jamaica.

Under the legislation, local authorities are being given the ability to perform regulatory functions to facilitate the management, improvement and development of resources of local communities.

The bill also allows Parliament to make provision for local authorities to generate and spend their own revenue, and to provide for the holding of Local Government elections.