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Red Stripe Welcomes Summer Interns

Published:Thursday | July 16, 2015 | 11:34 AM
From left: Summer interns Kevon Allen, Gregory Brown, Arielle Oliver, Jaden Grant, Danielle Burke, Imru James – Heineken brand manager, Rochelle Clarke – director Heineken Americas, and Romario Laing, at the Heineken UEFA viewing party held at Barbican Beach recently.

More than 20 interns will gain valuable work experience this summer with one of Jamaica's leading companies, Red Stripe. The interns will work in various departments related to their field of study, as part of their university programme requirements.

The interns will actively assist their line managers in their respective departments by supporting them on important projects, events and campaigns. The summer is a busy season for Red Stripe and there will be many opportunities for the interns to work on internal projects and event planning projects and interact with the media. This will provide them with hands-on experience in the field which will contribute to their overall development.

For more than 20 years, Red Stripe has opened its doors to interns to provide them with an opportunity to develop proper work ethic and prepare them for the working world. Through various tasks, interns learn the value of team work and relationships while enjoying themselves in Red Stripe's friendly environment.

The programme has allowed interns to work on initiatives such as Heineken Pop-up Bar, Beer Wenzdays Live, Project Grow and its marquee campaign, Run the Summer. In these initiatives, interns have had to adapt to their respective environments quickly and take on leadership roles in order to ensure the successful execution of their tasks.

work experience

One of the marketing interns, Kevon Allen, has been at Red Stripe since January of this year. He came to Red Stripe hoping to get work experience to supplement his studies. However, what should have been a three-week experience is turning into more than six months of learning and development.

"My boss saw that I was willing to learn and I was doing a good job. So, she decided to keep me after the three weeks were completed. She saw that I showed initiative, which led me to working with other people, including brand managers," said Allen. "Guinness Street Football was my first project and I worked on it from beginning to end. Along the way, I joined the summer programme and I am enjoying it. I am grateful I get first-hand experience in my field of study," Allen added.

The opportunity to become a permanent member of the Red Stripe family is also one of the spin-offs of the internship programme if the intern overperforms and exceeds expectations. This was the case for Andrew Anguin, acting Guinness brand manager, and Omar Dattadean, trade development executive, among others. Now, they work with marketing interns and allow them to spearhead initiatives, allowing them the freedom to succeed.

Red Stripe is proud of its summer internship programme, as it is an opportunity to provide youths with hands-on job experience and helps fulfil our ambition of being the 'best performing, most trusted and respected consumer goods company'.