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UWI affirms superior quality assurance

Published:Sunday | July 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Anna Kasafi Perkins

The University of the West Indies (UWI) has affirmed the superiority of its internal quality-assurance system.

Senior programme officer with the Quality Assurance Unit in the Office of the Board for Undergraduate Studies at the UWI, Dr Anna Kasafi Perkins, said the UWI has the most mature and robust internal quality-assurance system in Jamaica.

"That is to be expected, as UWI has been around since 1948 (even before a formally recognised quality assurance movement).

"UWI invests very heavily in quality assurance ... and quality-assurance professionals manage the internal academic quality management system. Other institutions have internal processes that are fledgling and there is need for a deepened understanding of the value of quality assurance for maintaining excellence in higher education," she said.


According to Perkins, "UWI has been a standard-bearer in regards to quality assurance in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Our internal quality process is tried and tested. The quality-assurance officers who work in the institution are professionals who write, research and publish in the field, as well as other areas of scholarship."

Perkins indicated that the quality-assurance work of her unit has been internationally recognised.

"Higher-education institutions locally and regionally, for example, the University of Guyana, have requested UWI's help in formulating responses to their quality-assurance needs. Our quality-assurance process is commended time and again

by international experts who participate in quality-assurance reviews of our various disciplines and the reviewers that have looked specifically at the work

of the Quality Assurance Unit.

"The list of the ways UWI contributes to the quality-assurance movement both locally, regionally and internationally is a long one," she argued.