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Area One Police warn women to stop harbouring criminals

Published:Thursday | July 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The Area One Police are appealing to women in the division to desist from harbouring criminals in their homes and communities.

Police Area One comprises the parishes of Westmoreland, St James, Trelawny and Hanover.

The Area One police say the practice of harbouring criminals is proving to be detrimental to the lives of women and their children.

The police say when women hide wanted persons, those engaging in the illicit lottery scamming trade and those involved in gang-related activities, they and their children become likely victims in shootings. 

They point out that since the start of the year, Area One has seen a total of 15 women and six children being killed.

They say 13 women and a child were shot and injured during the same period.

The Area One police say women should therefore cooperate with police and tell what they know so that perpetrators can be brought to justice.

The division is urging women to stop accepting the proceeds of crime and think about protecting themselves and their children.