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Crime down at Longville Park Housing Scheme - police

Published:Saturday | July 25, 2015 | 8:15 AM

The police are reporting a significant reduction in crime in the Longville Housing Scheme in Clarendon since the establishment of a police post there two-and-a-half weeks ago.

The Officer in charge of the temporary police post, Sergeant Sonia Campbell, has disclosed that over the period, the police at Longville have received one case of a missing person, one case of simple larceny and a number of domestic disputes.

Sergeant Campbell says the establishment of the police facility at the scheme reflects efforts by the Jamaica Constabulary Force to practice proximity policing.

She explains that the practice is not new, but is usually done via mobile patrols rather than by having a facility stationed in the community.

Sergeant Campbell notes that the national ratio of police personnel to each individual in the population is one to about 12,000.

But she says with 11 officers currently stationed at the temporary police post at Longville, and a population of about 12,000 at the housing scheme, the ratio of police to residents is approximately one to 1,100 persons. 

The sergeant in charge was speaking at a Town Hall meeting held in the scheme on Wednesday night.

The NHT retrofitted two two-bedroom housing units in the Longville Park scheme to be used by the police, given a recent upsurge of crime, particularly burglaries.