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Westmoreland quadruple murder suspect denied bail

Published:Tuesday | July 28, 2015 | 6:45 PM

Nineteen-year-old Jevaughn Flemming, the suspect charged in relation to the murders of four persons in Whithorn, Westmoreland has been denied bail.

Flemming, who is charged with four counts of murder, appeared in the Savanna-la-Mar Resident Magistrate's Court today.

Flemming's attorney, Henry McCurdy applied for bail arguing that his client was being falsely accused.

According to McCurdy, Flemming’s name has been called in relation to the shooting because there was an incident last year in which he was stabbed and his mother shot allegedly by two of the now-deceased men.

But, Resident Magistrate Sheron Barnes refused bail and ordered the investigating officer to expedite the results of the swabbing done on Flemming's hands on the day of the incident. 

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In court today, Clerk of Court, Devine White, outlined that an eye-witness, who knew Flemmings,  saw him and two other men leaving the scene of the incident.

The court was further told that all three were seen armed with firearms.

The RM has set the matter for mention on August 18 when another bail application is expected to be made.