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Tasty food served at surfing competition

Published:Tuesday | July 28, 2015 | 12:00 AM


THE MAKKA PRO Surfing Competition not only saw excited patrons scurrying about the place to partake in the day's frivolity but also vendors who came out in their numbers to showcase their creativity and products.

Among the many food booths stood a stall which hosted IShack's Vegetarian, a restaurant owned by Ishack Wilmot.

"Most people in Jamaica say that the vegetarian food is bland, so what I do with my food is try to make it as tasty as anything else on the market," Wilmot told Rural Xpress.

Located at the Jamnesia Surf Camp in 8 Miles, Bull Bay, IShack's Vegetarian serves all kinds of food for those wishing to abstain from meat.

"Everything is healthy. We try to keep it fresh, natural and organic and still nice for the people. We try to get Jamaicans to look at the healthier side of life," he said.

The business which has been intermittently operated for the last three years is now back to stay, and by popular demand.

Now, in their second year at the Makka Pro Surfing Competition, Ishack says the support has been amazing.

"We've been busy all day and we were busy yesterday (first day of the competition). Though we're working with small crowds, the orders are coming in non-stop, and as the evening goes along we're expecting more people to come in," said the hopeful shop owner.

Ishack, who is a certified chef, says he was not always a vegetarian.


Dietary changes


According to him: "Growing up, I used to eat everything, then I started to eat just chicken and fish. To be honest, sometimes you miss that kind of flavour. That's when I realised I have to make our (vegetarian) food taste better, and that's exactly what I'm doing."

The menu hosted sweet and sour tofu, chickpea in coconut curry sauce, fried rice, plantains, fresh, crunchy raw vegetables and other healthy delights.

Supporters could be seen biting into the delicious looking wraps prepared at IShack's Vegetarian.

One customer took a break from his plate of curried chickpea and fried rice to tell Rural Xpress that he honestly thought he was having curried chicken.

Others say the food served there is "a nice break from the usual fried stuff, and it's nice to have something that comes right from the gardens, plus you don't get tired after eating it."