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David Devotes His Life to Making His Daughter Happy

Published:Thursday | July 30, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey

Mandeville, Manchester:

They say a dad is his son's first hero, but his daughter's first love. Fathers share a special bond with their daughters that mothers will never have, and David Martin's relationship with his daughter, Saskia, puts truth to that notion.

They are like two peas in a pod. You never see one away from the other unless, of course, Martin is at work and little Saskia is at school. And best believe, when you see them, it's all love.

"Love is the obvious foundation. Trust is essential and it is a two-way street, and quality time spent together is very important. The father must provide security. Your child must never feel that you are not approachable. The father must be the high priest of the home and embody the character of God, the first encounter with the Almighty as a father figure is through the mortal father," said Martin.

Being a father for only eight years, Martin expressed that the most rewarding part is seeing his daughter grow more beautifully inside and out and each day.

"Watching a part of you grow and develop right in front of your eyes, it is both an amazing and terrifying experience. The most rewarding part is having that small someone love you unconditionally."

Throughout the eight years of his existence as a father, the multimedia consultant and trainer holds dearly the moment God used his daughter to help him save a baby's life.

"At age four, she came to my desk where I was hard at work editing and said, 'Daddy I want to go out' , so I told her to go find her dress, hoping that I could distract her for a moment because I was really busy. She came back with her dress and shoes in no time. We walked out of the house with her pulling me along. So I headed down the lane with this kid dragging me along as if she was in some sort of hurry. I let her take the lead to see where she was so anxious to go. As we turned a corner, there was another baby coming down the road walking full speed towards us. It was Azriel, our neighbour's four-year-old child."

He continued: "I started to look around expecting his dad to pop over the hill at any time. I turned and asked him for his dad, but he didn't pay me any mind. He and Saskia just started to talk and walk together, so I walked back to his house and called his grandmother. She didn't know Azriel had climbed up, pulled the grille and snuck out of the house. She almost died of shock. Until this day, it is a mystery why Saskia decided and insisted that we go for a walk at the time she did, but it must have been God."

With such love radiating from a tiny little vessel, it must be easy to spoil her, however, Martin is keen on not sparing the rod.

"I spoil the child occasionally, but discipline is very important in the home and, even though my wife is chief disciplinarian, I have to thank God for the wisdom not to intervene."

With his ultimate wish for his daughter to be more like Christ, Martin's only regret is that she is growing up too fast.

"I regret that she's growing up so fast and I regret not being able to spend more quality time with her. I hope, however, that she develops that Christ-like character that will make her fit for heaven and a joy to be around on earth."