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A day in the Life of a Working Mom- Petal Chambers

Published:Thursday | July 30, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Petal Chambers with husband, Bruce, and baby, Bruce Jr.
Nurse Chambers present for duty.

Mandeville, Manchester:

From nursing patients and changing diapers to holding down the home and keeping hubby happy, Petal Chambers does it all effortlessly, with much time for relaxation and her first love - music.

As a registered nurse in the public-health system, the rigours of patient care can be more than what one is able to do as it requires a level of attitude adjustment and mental preparation. But how does this little lady manage all this with her singing career and a one-year-old bundle of bubbling joy?

"I have been working for nine years and, since becoming a mother, I must admit that my schedule is hectic with juggling work and parenting, but I still try to prioritise so my family and I are happy."

She added: "I create a schedule or calendar to fit in the different things I have to do at the various times and my husband and I try to share responsibilities to fit into our schedules. We schedule special days where we can set aside for family time and relaxation - whether it be a movie night or just going out and chilling."

With the inconsistencies of work shifts, the hardest thing for Chambers is spending time away from her son.

"(The) First day I returned to work was actually a sad day for me due to the fact that I would have to go to work and leave my son behind. After establishing a bond with him, I never wanted him out of my sight."

"In the mornings, I wake up, have family worship, make breakfast, get ready for work, get the baby ready for day care, depending on the shift I am on. If I'm on night shift, I stay with him, return home, do various house duties, make lunch, feed and bathe the baby and get him ready for bed. Depending on the shift, my husband and I arrange what we do as a family to meet our needs, and yes, my husband is super supportive," beamed Chambers.

With her occasional requests for performances at shows and other events, Chambers still enjoys her spa days and Internet browsing sessions - time she deems 'me time'.

"It gets tiresome to travel to and from work every day, so it's important that I rejuvenate. 'Me time' is very important. I may go out, probably to the spa, browse social media or just spend the day relaxing. If I had the option, I would try to schedule more family or fun time to make things less hassling or stressful."

After getting the hang of balancing all the ups and downs of the roller coaster called life, Chambers believes all women are able to be working mothers if they are mentally prepared.

"My advice to moms out there is to try and implement a schedule and work with it. Pray, have worship sessions, work together or divide responsibilities as a family and make time for fun and recreational activities."