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Published:Tuesday | August 4, 2015 | 5:30 PM

"Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness."

2 Corinthians 6 vs 14

The Good Book asks the question what association does uprightness have with the unbelievers and warns against partnership between the two.

Many churches preach the word, stressing the importance of being "equally yoked" and though Christians strive to adhere to the rules of the Bible, many fall short of its sacred requirements.

Beverly*, who got baptised more than 10 years ago, has found herself in an unequally-yoked marriage.

Now celebrating her fifth anniversary, she admits that she is extremely terrified.

"The marriage is good. We're happy together, but I'm afraid that things won't stay this way forever," she told Family and Religion.

Beverly reminisced on the hardships and animosity she endured during her engagement and wedding.

"No one from my church came to my wedding. It didn't even happen at my church. We got married at a different location. People were reluctant towards me, but though they didn't embrace my choice, they didn't turn their backs on me."

Her church family prayed and fasted with her nonetheless.

Beverly says she was still a bit wary in her spirit.

"After I got married, every night I went to bed, I had visions of myself standing outside the church looking in. I'm always on the outside in my dreams."

The married woman shared that's these visions had her questioning God about their meanings.

Beverly was removed from her church's choir and had all her leadership positions revoked. She was seeing herself outside the church because she was no longer a part of its family.

Though she was receiving this type of backlash, Beverly says she held on to her marriage because she loved her husband and they wanted to make it work.

After much supplication, Beverly's privileges were reinforced.

"I'm now allowed to take part, I'm back on the choir and I'm happily married, but I'm still uncomfortable with the situation. There is still the fear that even though we're trying, my marriage won't work because it was done against God's will," said a saddened woman of God.

Beverly advised that even though she feels forgiven, sins don't go unpunished.

"God will do whatever He says He'll do no matter how long it takes and we have to suffer the consequences when we're disobedient and being unequally yoked is not of God."

With the belief that one day her marriage will fall apart, Beverly implores other Christians to be obedient.

"Whether you're young or you feel as if you're getting old and time is running out on you, no matter how desperately you want to be married, never go out of the will of God to do so. Stay in His purpose and believe that He will grant you your heart's desire," she said adding that human timing and thoughts greatly differ from those of God.

"Despite everything, my husband doesn't stop me from going to church. He fully respects and supports my Christianity. He even comes to church and helps out whenever we put on events," Beverly told Family and Religion.

According to her: "God honours marriage and it's a blessing to be a wife or a husband. My husband is still not saved, but I trust God that he will accept Christ through me and we will become honourable before God and equally yoked."

*Name changed to

protect identity.