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Why are Christians still paying tithes?

Published:Monday | August 3, 2015 | 4:34 PM

Dear Joan,

am a new convert trying to stay on the path to get me through the gates of Heaven. However, there are a few things I am trying to come to terms with, based on my knowledge of the Bible.

Where in the new Covenant is this 10 per cent rule?

From time to time, we hear the Church has bills and we should give 10 per cent of our earnings in tithes. Is this 10 per cent after or before tax? I cannot come to terms in my head as to why a percentage of something I will never see (tax) should be included.

Also, why do churches today still hold firmly to this law from Leviticus (Old Testament) and all the others we downplay or even make them look insignificant as we are living under God's Grace (New Testament)?

I am no way in agreement with taking revenge or rendering evil for evil. It bothers me to think churches today use this 10 per cent rule from the Old Testament while all other teachings are mainly about Grace after Jesus came to die for our sins (New Testament). My household pays tithes, but I feel bad sometimes when we do because of these questions. Since God loves a cheerful giver, it leaves me wondering if God is happy with what I give as honestly I do not feel cheerful under these circumstances.

WA, Clarendon

Dear WA,

In Matthew 23 v 23 Jesus made mention of tithing as he rebuked the scribes and Pharisees for obeying that principle while forgetting to do justice and "other weightier matters of the law".

Paul spoke about it in the New Testament and he didn't say it was done away with.

There are some who tithe 10 per cent of their gross salary while others tithe from what they actually get in hand. It's all up to the person's convictions.

However, regarding your stance on the laws being done away and us being under grace, I can't quite agree, otherwise there would be no need for the Ten Commandments those were given in the Old Testament. God still requires obedience and righteous living from us.

If you have those strong feelings against tithing, I don't think you should. You are giving and resenting it at the same time, robbing yourself of whatever blessings should come your way.

As you have said, God does love a cheerful giver and if you are doing it under duress, you should think twice about it.

I suggest you speak with your pastor or one of the members of your family who are tithing, have a frank discussion with them, tell them how you really feel and maybe then you will get another perspective on it.

Why can't I

wear my pants?

Dear Joan,

I am a member of a Pentecostal church, but the rule to not wear pants as a female is proving to be a pebble against my wall of resistance; it is just not breaking. Where in the Bible does it state a woman cannot wear female pants? How does this affect me going to Heaven? I am a married woman and I strongly agree God sits above both of us. What sin is being committed when I put on my pants suit and go to my legitimate work? From my research, men and women dressed in very similar attire in the biblical days, but if one dressed in the attire of the opposite sex for pagan worship then this was not accepted.

Thanks in advance for your response.


Dear Curious,

I don't know about your church, but there is no such rule in the church I attend. I also wear pant suits to work. There is a reason why Paul instructed Christians to search the scriptures for themselves and allow the Holy Spirit to be their guide. Unfortunately, there are too many man-made rules passing off as God's instructions. In biblical times, men didn't even wear pants - they wore robes!

I think the important rule to adhere to when it comes to adorning yourself is modesty. The Bible speaks a lot about Christian women being modest in the way they presented themselves. I am not telling you to leave your church, you have to decide if you can abide by their rules, or you want to find somewhere else in which you feel more comfortable in.