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Impressive HI-Pro Product Launch

Published:Monday | August 10, 2015 | 1:35 PM
From left: Tanyalee Paul, Miss Clarendon, represents Marketing Arm International; Christina Williams, Miss Portland, portrays the trademark bull of Norbook Labs; Amanda Garrison, Miss Westmoreland, depicts BASF, Diana Kay (second right), Miss St Catherine, wears the Celmanax brand, while Denescia Kellier (right), Miss St James, shows off the Agri-Centre look.

The 'Grow with Hi-Pro' product launch at the Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show on Saturday, August 1, featured a new creative twist. Five new chemical and veterinary pharmaceutical product portfolios - designed to improve farmers' profitability - were introduced to the local market, following which contestants from the 2015 National Farm Queen competition showcased the various brands as costumes.

Miss Westmoreland Parish Queen, Amanda Garrison, modelled BASF - a world-leading manufacturer of agro-chemicals. The farm queen sauntered down the walkway of the 'Grow with Hi Pro' village holding a super-size Zampro bottle. Zampro is the latest fungicide from BASF which is formulated to protect melons, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes from late blight and downy mildew.

Diana Kay, who wore the sash of Miss St Catherine, showcased a purple outfit in tribute to the Celmanax brand, manufactured by Arm & Hammer Animal Health Limited. Celmanax is an all-natural yeast-based ingredient that is only found in Hi-Pro's major feeds, and Hi-Provit, the number one selling poultry vitamin.

Having received rave reviews from farmers who have seen improved herd health and growth rates since Celmanax was added to Hi-Pro Feeds, the company anticipates a similarly positive response to Celmanax in


Miss St James, Denescia Kellier's costume had an agronomy focus, in keeping with the high-quality generic herbicides, insecticides and fungicides from Agri-Centre. Her outfit portrayed a healthy, green leafy vegetable that has been treated with the Agri-Centre solutions distributed by Hi-Pro.

Christina Williams, Miss Portland, dressed as Norbrook Labs' trademark bull, handed out miniature black rubber bulls to a large gathering of Hi-Pro customers. Norbook Labs is a global leader in the development of cutting edge veterinary and animal health medicine, and a wide selection of these products are available at Hi-Pro Farm Supplies.

War on pests, diseases

To depict the war that Marketing Arm International is waging against pests and diseases that threaten a wide range of crops, Tanyalee Paul, Miss Clarendon, was dressed as a warrior, with 'armour' and 'shield'. Marketing Arm International creates organic environmentally friendly products to protect crops, including melon, cabbage, squash cucumber, pepper, papaya, onion and celery from a variety of insects and pests.

Paying tribute to the innovations of the Hi-Pro brand, Derrick Kellier, minister of agriculture and fisheries, congratulated the Jamaica Broilers Group for bringing new products to the local farming community to enable them to be sustainable and profitable. In addition, he thanked Hi-Pro for contributing $20 million to the staging of Denbigh 2015.

Also participating in the product launch was Christopher Levy, president and CEO of the Jamaica Broilers Group.