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INDECOM Commissioner Advises Police to put aside fearmongering

Published:Wednesday | August 12, 2015 | 11:23 AMTamara Bailey
Terrence Williams

Mandeville Manchester:

Commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM), Terrence Williams, has sent a strong message to members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) who do not comply with the law and who continue to tarnish the reputation of the JCF as well as that of the commission.

"The police must abide by the law; the law enforcer must first be someone who complies with the law." he stated.

"It is now time to recognise that INDECOM is the law of the land ... I'm asking members of the force to put aside falsehood and fearmongering, if you have a general complaint about INDECOM make it formally."

Speaking at the monthly meeting of the Rotary Club of Mandeville Tuesday evening, Williams stated that INDECOM had always tried to maintain a good relationship with members of the force but sometimes the job was made difficult.


"In the last five years, there has not been a single complaint of overzealous INDECOM investigators or improper conduct ... that's why it is sad that despite this process you still have falsehood being uttered."

He continued, "Despite the abundance of truth and understanding, it is troubling sometimes that falsehood and misunderstanding still find a way to intervene ... we meet with the police high command regularly, we have had meetings with the Police Federation, they know that if they have any complaint, it can be made to us and we will deal with it."

Having been appointed for another five years, Williams is hopeful things will get better in the coming years.

"In this next five years of INDECOM, we intend to reach out to the good men and women of the JCF, which are many, to attempt to reach an understanding of the work of INDECOM and to make this connection as to how fostering public trust in the force will assist them in their jobs."