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Kendal residents join hands

Published:Wednesday | August 12, 2015 | 1:31 PM

KENDAL, Manchester:

Affirming the phrase 'United we stand divided we fall', residents of Kendal recently gathered at the community centre for a day filled with fun, excitement, and a worthy cause.

Hundreds were present for the Independence fun day and sporting events geared towards providing back-to-school supplies for the children in the community and the completion of bathroom facilities at the community centre.

"What we are really hoping to accomplish is the completion of the bathrooms and helping the children in the community with back-to-school supplies. We don't really have a target set, but whatever we make, we will ensure it goes towards the two causes mentioned," said co-organiser Christopher Spencer.

Councillor caretaker for the Royal Flat division and co-organiser of the event, Richard Delepenha, had much to say about the positive impact of the initiative on the youth of the community.

"We have a series of sponge ball cricket that is held throughout the year. We started our first one in April, and based upon the response of the young men, we decided to have another match on Independence Day."

He added: "It means a lot for the community because what you find is that it can take the young people out of trouble. They actually look forward to coming to the event. Even the women are engaged, not just as spectators, but they actually have plans to start their own teams."

With the work required to have a successful execution of these events, Spencer is already in planning mode for another event in October.