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Abducted Portmore businessman murdered in Clarendon as he tried to escape

Published:Friday | August 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The Clarendon Police are probing the murder of abducted businessman Glendon Rose who was shot dead as he tried to escape.

Rose, a 49-year-old evaluator from Portmore, St Catherine was killed in Clarendon around 11.20 last night.

That was about an hour after the police received a 119 call that gunmen had abducted a man in his black Toyota Fortuner motor vehicle.

The police say Rose's body was found along the Sandy Bay main road with gunshot wounds.

‎It's reported that one of the rear windows of the vehicle appeared to have been broken.

Witnesses say Rose apparently jumped from the vehicle and fell on the ground before the gunmen alighted and fired several shots, killing him on the spot.

They then sped off towards Kingston in Rose's Toyota Fortuner.

According to the police, Rose had gone to  Clarendon to evaluate a property and was on his way home he was pounced upon by the gunmen.‎