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Portland farmer awarded $900,000 for false imprisonment

Published:Tuesday | August 18, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The government has been ordered to pay $900,000 with interest to a Portland farmer.

The farmer, Kevin Skyers was held in custody for ten days after he was discharged from hospital after being shot by the police in December 2006.

Justice Paulette Williams has said she did not find any reason for the delay in taking Skyers before the court.

In their defence, Constables Ricardo Robinson and Shawn Brown said in the Supreme Court that they had warrants for Skyers' arrest for various offences in October 2006.

They say they saw Skyers on October 6 outside a supermarket in Buff Bay, Portland, and when Constable Brown approached Skyers attacked him with a knife.

Constable Robinson said he fired a shot in defence of his colleague.

Skyers, who was injured in the right hip, was taken to hospital where he remained until December 3, 2006.

He was taken before the Port Antonio Resident Magistrate's Court on December 13, 2006 and no order was made even six months later because the file in relation to the cases against him was incomplete.

Skyers subsequently sued the Attorney General and Constables Robinson and Brown for trespass, assault, malicious prosecution and false imprisonment.

Justice Williams found that Constable Robinson was justified to shoot Skyers in an effort to defend his colleague.

The judge dismissed the other claims but said she could not find any reason for the delay in taking him before the court after he was discharged from hospital.