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Breaking away from the norm

Published:Friday | August 21, 2015 | 12:00 AMAndrew Harris
Anna Walcott

The love of motor bike is normally associated with men, but when Anna Walcott, a past student of Immaculate Conception High School got her first ride on one it started a passion that could not be subdued. 

Spurred out of being late for a Bible Study at church, she got her first real experience when her commute to church was courtesy of a friend’s motorcycle which provided this exciting moment for her. 

"That was actually my first bike ride and it was great!" Said Walcott with a reminiscing look on her face.

As  a child the only thing young Anna would do is ride her bicycle all summer long, when she woke up in the morning and just before she went to bed. Though she has never been to a bike show, she was anxiously waiting for the day a motor would be on her bicycle and this desire led Anna to do motorcycle lessons.

“I can’t imagine any substance amounting to the adrenaline rush of my first experience, after that I started researching and setting up appointments for lessons," she added.

Not the normal female Project Manager, she is hoping to get one of the Entry-level 300 Ninja Sports motorcycle, but she is also considering a bike that can go off road, so she shared that she might just go for a dirt bike instead.


Her major concern with riding motorcycles is the lack of respect motorists have for motorcyclists on the Jamaican roads.

"My father always tell me that when you see a motorcycle, don't just drive out on them, because you don't now how fast they are going, like most people don't even know that bikes have gears and a clutch or how it even operate so I guess the caution comes with the Jamaican roads," she noted.

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