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Free health checks at Digicel/STAR School ‘Buss’

Published:Wednesday | August 19, 2015 | 12:54 PM

In a bid to give back to the community, the doctors of VIVO Medical Services will lend their time and attention to the children at the Digicel/Star School 'Buss' back-to-school fair, slated for this Saturday, August 22, at the St William Grant Park, downtown Kingston.

Dr Michele Prendergast, primary care physician at VIVO, explained the company's interest in being a part of the fair. "We came on board to give back to the society at large, especially the children. In these harsh economic times, many parents can't afford to pay for books, uniforms and everything, plus the required medical to go to school. So we are happy to collaborate with Digicel and the Star to do it for them for free."

Prendergast stressed the importance of doing medical check-ups on children prior to start of the new school term, saying that their health has a direct impact on their ability to learn. She urged parents to ensure that their children's immunisation is up to date.

"In addition to height and weight checks," she said, "we'll be doing visual acuity checks, to see if they are on the right growth level. You must know if your child is seeing properly before sending them to school. We'll also be checking their hearing, kidney function and so on, to ensure that they are healthy and fully ready to go back to school."

All medical, optical and dental checks will be free of cost at the Digicel/Star School 'Buss' back-to-school fair. Parents are advised to take along their children's immunisation card in order for them to be properly treated.