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JLP caretaker belnavis calls for water for st ann communities

Published:Wednesday | August 19, 2015 | 3:18 PM
Michael Belnavis

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) councillor caretaker for the Ocho Rios division in St Ann, Michael Belnavis, is calling on the St Ann Parish Council and Minister of Water Robert Pickersgill to alleviate the water woes affecting residents in Pimento Walk, Shaw Park and Lime Bottom, in the Ocho Rios watershed.

In a release, Belnavis said that there was sufficient water in St Ann to serve the residents but the authorities do not have the will to harness the many rivers in the parish.

"The rivers need to be harnessed but the will is not there," Belnavis stated. "Many weeks have passed and there has been no trucking of water to the area as NWC (National Water Commission) is not paying the truckers, hence no delivery."

Belnavis lamented that as recently as 2010, the then JLP government had a plan to alleviate the water woes but this plan has been shelved with the change of government.

He said residents are agitating and threatening civil unrest in the tourism town if this valuable commodity is not regularised and further streamlined.

Belnavis is further urging Pickersgill to look at a permanent solution to solving the water supply issues in these areas as water irregularities must come to an end.

A St Ann businessman, Belnavis, who formerly served as councillor for the Boscobel division in St Mary, was recently confirmed as the JLP candidate to contest the Ocho Rios division in the next local government elections.