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Lenroy Allen has nothing but Love for his Little Ones

Published:Thursday | August 20, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Lenroy Allen and his girl Aaprel having a moment.
Family time sometimes involves the kids showing off skills from extra-curricular activities. From left, mom, Maxine; daddy, Lenroy; and daughter Aaprel learn something new as Aaron plays a piece.
A proud father, Lenroy, with his children, 13-year-old Aaron and seven-year-old Aaprel.

Mandeville, Manchester:

As one who grew up with very little expressions of love shown to him by his parents, Lenroy Allen is keen on doing everything he possibly can to make his presence as a father and role model felt by his children.

As the finance manager of the Manchester Cooperative Credit Union, a pastor of the Faith Temple Open Bible Church, the director of Life Solutions Company Limited and managing partner of the family-owned LPA Accounting Services, one would think Allen's children would need to make an appointment to spend time with him. But certainly that is not the case as Allen knows exactly how to balance family and work.

"The good thing is that I still have youth on my side. I don't think I will feel old for now and I firmly embrace the concept of doing all you can when you are young. I do all I can to keep my body and mind fit and maintain my spiritual connection and, more important, when you are connected to God, He gives you the strength to do all you need to do."

Having made a special bond with each of his children at birth, Allen is particularly pleased that the bonds become stronger as the years progress.

"I'll bring you back to the time when my wife, Maxine, was in the delivery room as she was about to have our first child, Aaron. The doctor put me on the delivery bed and then he put my wife to lie down on me and told me that I'm going to help her have this baby. While Maxine was there pushing, I was pushing with her so I saw my boy first and I think that is why we have such a close bond even at his age (13) he still expects me to treat him a particular way."

He continued, "Him coming into this world brought me much joy and because of that, I have to be the best father, not only in words but in deeds."

From helping him with academics, training him in track and field as a budding junior athlete, going on trips together to teaching him how to cook - even if he only learns to light the stove - Allen has done it all with his boy and continues to do more.

But even as his daughter graced their lives a few years later and the attention needed to be shared, Allen brilliantly found a way to keep enough love circling around.

"Normally, when there is a second child, one may feel left out at times, but when our angel graced our presence, she melted our hearts. Aaron loves his sister and instead of feeling down, he found a way to come up with ideas for how we could all share in things together."

Beaming with pride he added, "Of course, there are times when the time is split. For example, my son and I will be having a bonfire soon and he is doing all the planning and then there will be a daddy-girl's night and my daughter will be doing all the planning."

With a natural love for his children and a zeal for them to accomplish more than he has, Allen believes wholeheartedly in acknowledging their achievements.

"My children have made me extremely proud: from Aaron getting baptised - even younger than I did - to making the National Prep School Championship in the 200 metres as the only child outside of the Corporate Area, to Aaprel winning the Miss Mini Manchester Pageant and then topping her K3 class for the past academic year."

He ended: "My ultimate wish for my children is that they accomplish far more than I have and will. I want them to grow up safe, have a long life, leave their mark on society and give of themselves for the benefit of fellow human being."