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Tech Times: Written and Compiled by Kareem LaTouche and Stephanie Lyew

Published:Saturday | August 22, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Tech Term of the Week:

Root Directory - The root directory is the top of the filing system. In a computer it is the file that contains all the information of the system files, similar to a directory of names and numbers. Therefore, the name 'root', because it holds the system together. Windows users will be used to the root directory label 'C:\', while other platforms are used to a simple forward slash icon, '/'.

The website's root directory, however, is the top-level directory of a website folder that helps a user to access a website once the domain name is typed into a web browser. It allows various files or webpages to load, being the root of everything that is dependent on the directory.

Apps this Week:

Square Register for Android - Square Incorporated has developed various software and hardware for the management of financial services. Square Register was the first mobile application launched by the company in 2010. The user interface is similar to a regular cashier register but with advanced details on inventory and sales that may be customised by the user based on the products and services offered.

The receipts may also be communicated via email or text message directly through the app. Square Register allows users to manually enter debit and credit cards to finalise transactions. All major credit cards from the United States of America, Canada, and Japan are readable. All the latest point-of-sale updates are available via Square Register and the application will also present analytics of the user business.

ShopKeep for Apple (iPhone) - The ShopKeep,

Point of Sale application is originally for the Apple iPad. It is a compact model of a point-of-sale cash register system. However, it is not complete without the ShopKeep Pocket application which was developed for the iPhone. It allows the users of the ShopKeep Point of Sale software to monitor their business sales, profits versus losses, and any financial evaluations on a daily basis in real time. These statistics include net sales, transactions by the hour, average sale value as well as keep track of returning or viewing new clientele.

Gold Monitor for Windows -

The KDR Gold Monitor application is a mobile cash register app that shows a business' revenue in real time. The revenue may be categorised by the accounts or account activity, employees, departments or services and products. The approximate size is 2.45MB. Note briefly, this application is not as popular on the Windows phone platforms and has not received many reviews.

Tid bits

Tablet shipments continue to fall worldwide


After three years of enormous growth, the worldwide tablet market continues to decline.

Tablet shipments in the second quarter fell 11 per cent year over year to 42.5 million units, according to the latest report from Canalys.

Shipments fell in every worldwide region "with no reason to believe that growth will return in the short term," the research firm said.

Among the challenges: Sales in high-growth markets are dwindling as large-screen smartphones grow in popularity. And coming up, tablets will have to compete against a new wave of two-in-one laptop hybrid devices designed to take advantage of Windows 10.

Canalys found that the tablet market peaked in the fourth quarter of 2013, going into decline a year later.

Despite the "sudden downturn," there are still opportunities for tablet manufacturers, Canalys senior analyst Tim Coulling said.

"Unlike consumers, businesses have been slow when it comes to mass adoption of tablets," he said. "In the consumer space, demand for premium tablets in established markets has noticeably slowed but is not going to disappear."

The top five countries accounted for half of the world's tablet shipments, with Apple's iPad leading in all but one (Brazil).

"It is well placed to continue leading the market for the time being," Coulling said.


A new way to store, spend and share cash.

CONEC(r) Mobile Wallet is an app that merges your phone and wallet and is currently available for Android smart phones and java enabled phones in Jamaica. The iOS version is coming soon.

To use the CONEC(r) app, sign up for a mobile wallet at participating Credit Unions or Paymaster locations for free. You will then be prompted, via text message, to download the app onto your phone. Activate your mobile wallet service and deposit cash into your wallet. You can then: pay bills, buy goods and services, top up any mobile phone and send and receive money from family, friends and other associates such as employees, customers and suppliers.

"CONEC(r) is the first mobile money solution to be launched in Jamaica and is a revolutionary financial service that is already profoundly transforming the lives of ordinary Jamaicans," said Heston Hutton, CEO of CONEC(r), a subsidiary of the Jamaica Cooperative Credit Union League. "The mission of CONEC(r) is to deliver financial freedom by making it easier and more convenient for all Jamaicans to conduct financial transactions securely using any mobile device - phone, tablet, computer, etc."

The technology behind CONEC(r) includes, multi-layered security and delivers a range of features and services so that users enjoy the benefits of safety, convenience and lower costs unlike traditional financial services.

"CONEC(r) is a payment eco-system in which the use of digital currency eliminates the risk of losing hard earned cash and reduces the costs of doing business," explained Hutton.