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Sister mourns for woman killed in suspected murder suicide

Published:Tuesday | August 25, 2015 | 12:00 AMAndrew Harris
Charmaine Tucker shares how the family has been coping with the loss of her younger sister, Kadeen Hunter, only days after the loss of their father.

The family of Kadeen Hunter, who is believed to have been killed by her boyfriend, police Constable Rajon Stephens, before he committed suicide last Sunday, are still in shock over the incident.

As The Gleaner entered the Duhaney Park community and made its way on to Camelot Avenue, the dirt patch spotted in front of the family yard was not enough to cover up the blood of 23-year-old Hunter.

Forty-two-year-old Charmaine Tucker, Hunter's sister, almost fell to the ground in grief when The Gleaner arrived at her gate and asked if she was a relative.


tragic Sunday morning


Tucker's deep sigh followed as she sat down to remember the tragic Sunday morning on which she lost her youngest sister.

"They never had any fuss out of the ordinary than the normal problems man and woman face," she said.

Tucker wasn't around at the time of the incident. It was her mother who passed on the information.

She was apparently awake before the incident took place, while Hunter was asleep at the time her boyfriend came to visit her.

She said Stephens came to the house to look for her and called her three times, after which she went out to him. According to Tucker all her mother heard was Stephens shouting 'Kadie!' This caused her to run out of the house, where she saw Hunter lying lifeless on the ground in front of her home.


Hunters' dream


According to her niece, who spoke on conditions of anonymity, Hunters' dream was to become a psychologist because of her fascination with trying to understand people.

"She was a very nice and quiet person who would just come home and keep herself to herself. She spent most of her time inside the house," explained Tucker.

She was a past student of the Dunoon Park Technical High School and completed her Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations at the St Andrew Technical High School's sixth form.

The 23-year-old, who was a teacher's assistant at the Ardenne Preparatory and Extension High School, lost her father, Lafford Hunter, earlier this month.

The family is really shaken up by the loss and are still in a state of disbelief.

Tucker said it would be difficult for the family to bury the younger Hunter as it has just completed preparation for her stepfather's funeral.

According to the Director of the Ardenne Preparatory and Extension High School, Paulette Johnson, Hunter was a very wonderful person and she will be missed by the entire administrative body.

Johnson said she was loved by everyone at the school. She also shared that due to the holidays, the students are not back in school as yet, but there are measures in place to offer comfort when the everyone has been informed about the tragic lost.