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Health facilities audit reveals several problems

Published:Wednesday | September 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM

An audit of Jamaica's main health facilities has revealed a host of problems including major defects in infrastructure and an inadequate supply of basic resources. 

Health Minister Dr Fenton Ferguson released the results of the audit he ordered, during a press conference this morning. 

He did not provide a copy of the audit report but presented a document which listed eight major findings. 

Most of them are consistent with the concerns raised earlier this year by the Jamaica Medical Doctors' Association. 

Those concerns triggered the audit. 


1. Inadequate systems and infrastructure for Infection Prevention and Control, in particular for the MOINA areas (Maternity, Operating Theatre, Neonatal Units, Intensive Care and Accident & Emergency)

 -Inadequate hand hygiene practice, promotion and infrastructure throughout

2. Inadequate and consistent supply of pharmaceuticals and sundries

3. Inadequate supplies of linen, including drapes, gowns etc

4. Inadequate numbers and functional medical equipment (various types)

5. Inadequacy in stock management (pharmaceuticals, sundries etc)

6. Inadequate and inconsistent documentation of critical needs list

7. Inadequate supplies of PPEs such as plastic aprons used to prevent contact with waste or body fluids

8. Major defects in infrastructure