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Keeping it Real with Chamoi Beckford

Published:Wednesday | September 9, 2015 | 11:58 AM
Sometimes a walk in the park is all Beckford needs to strengthen her talks with God.
Beckford (centre) out with friends at a popular restaurant.
Chamoi Beckford

Mandeville, Manchester:

There is no such thing as a Christian journey with the absence of obstacles and continuous struggles. It is, however, a true relationship with God that allows a servant to find the strength and the inner peace to persevere.

Chamoi Beckford made the decision to walk with the Lord a little over 12 years ago. Hardly smooth sailing, the roller-coaster ride, as she calls it, has no greater alternative.

"Most days, my greatest desire is to live for Christ, but some days, I am struggling to persevere. Regardless of the circumstance though, I am happiest with my Saviour."

Among the insurmountable temptations of the world, Beckford, today, still struggles with secular music, and admits she is a work in progress.

"I could give you a list long from here to Timbuktu of temptations I've struggled and continue to struggle with, but the hardest I would have to say is my love for music and dancing. I would be singing and dancing to the most derogative, an immoral, and even 'atheistical' song as long as it has a rhythm."

She added, "I have become aware of how influential music is. It can influence my thoughts, my mood, and even the way I choose to live my life. It is something I am still struggling with. Sometimes I catch myself off guard. I'll be asking myself, 'What are you singing, Chamoi?' But it is a process, and I'm growing in grace."

Having entered the pool for water baptism as a result of her grandmother, Beckford continues to seek support for family and friends as she lives free of regret.


"My family and friends, who I know are continuously praying for me, keep me going. My boyfriend encourages me and is not afraid to say I'm wrong when I'm wrong. The Bible ... it's amazing how much support I can get from only one verse."

She added that a lot has changed, but it has changed for the better.

"A lot of people think when one becomes a Christian, his or her life becomes boring, but my social life is very existent. Okay, maybe it is suffering a tad bit, but not because I'm a Christian. I am pretty much a loner where I am, away from my closest friends, relatives, and boyfriend. As a result of that, my social life has suffered somewhat, but not because I am a Christian."

Doing things in the past based on the expectations of others, Beckford is advising her fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to hold firm.

"The devil knows all your shortcomings and he will use it against you to break you and make you feel unworthy. But God does not delight in seeing not one perish. Be strong when life is not so smooth sailing, and press on!"

- T. B.