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PICA Corner: Correcting error in a passport

Published:Friday | September 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Q: I will be travelling overseas in a month's time. However, I recently discovered that my last name was incorrectly spelt in my passport. My name is Livermore; however, it is spelt Livremore in my passport. Should I correct it before travelling? My ticket is already purchased. What is the procedure for having this corrected and what's the turnaround time for doing so? Do I have sufficient time to make the adjustment before I travel?

A: It is always in one's best interest to correct errors made with his or her bio-data in order to prevent inconvenience while transacting business or travelling. Where an error is discovered on any PICA-issued document, we ask that you make immediate contact with our office so that the matter can be addressed. A check will be done to determine whether the error was a data-entry one or whether the information represented in the passport was the same as that on the source document. The source document in this regard would be either a Jamaican birth certificate or a Jamaican citizenship certificate. If the information contained in our records agrees with the source document, then you would be required to correct the birth/ citizenship certificate in order to have the passport information changed.

If it is determined that the error was made by the agency, a new passport with the correct information would be produced at no cost to you and issued within one to three days. Please note, however, that the processing time may vary depending on how recent the passport was issued. To facilitate the process, please carry the passport in question, your birth/citizenship certificate, a completed form and two passport-size pictures.

Should our records be correct and you wish to correct the source document, then you would be required to apply for a replacement passport and pay the necessary fees. The application must be accompanied by the corrected source document. PICA offers a same-day, next-day, or three-day service at our head offices, should you require the passport urgently.

Q: Kindly let me know the process and cost, if any, to add a surname to a current passport as a result of marriage.

A:Please note that the addition of your new name would not be possible on your current passport. If you desire to have your passport in your married name, then you would have to acquire a new passport, even if the current one is not yet expired.

To apply for a renewal of your passport, you would need to present your marriage certificate along with your application form. The other requirements for the renewal of a passport would apply. In fact, any married woman who is applying for a passport must present a certified copy of her marriage certificate, whether she is applying for the first time or is renewing her document. Please note that the marriage officer's copy is not accepted. The cost for renewing an adult passport is $6,500.

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