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Wray & Nephew mobilising excitement

Published:Saturday | September 12, 2015 | 12:00 AMAndrew Harris

MANY would say that a recreational vehicle is one of the most flexible units there is, but can you imagine a vehicle's main purpose being that of a mobile disco joint?

Well, this Wray & Nephew-branded vehicle is just that, taking the party wherever patrons are.

No matter where you want to take the party, Wray & Nephew is always ready to dispatch one of its five compact brand vehicles.

Designed to have an audible reach that can cater to a crowd of 3,000 party lovers, the vehicle is decked with a 20,000-watt power system. It is able to give a full five hours of music with just the battery supplies.

This one-stop party shop is able to hold about six people on board, which usually includes the DJ and a few promotional girls.

Like any normal party, all you need is just the bar, the people and a charismatic DJ on the sound system. According to Mark Telfer of Wray & Nephew, these mobile entertainment centres can host about 10 parties for the weekend.

The Toyota Hiace entertainment units are designed based on the branding of the liquor, both inside out. The vehicle reflects the life of the party and, with its own lighting system, there is no need for any external lighting.

The main speakers and amplifier are placed at the centre of the vehicle and can be projected through the roof by a motorised system. This creates maximum sound output while keeping the system cool.

This self-sustainable vehicle has wowed party lovers.

Telfer shared with AutoDrive that the reception has been just awesome and introduction of branded vehicles has been a great investment for them.

"Well, the people have just been calling and asking for more party," said Telfer "One of the amazing things about the unit is the ability to light the party while executing the sound performance."

Whenever you see these party units stop close to you, then you know the roof is expected to be blown off, because the party has started.

The design and transformation was done by Supreme Audio and Electronics Limited, 925-2174.