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Doctor attempts to pass off newborn as another couple's baby, charged

Published:Friday | September 25, 2015 | 9:15 AM

A 54-year-old doctor has been arrested and charged for fraud after he reportedly tried to pass off a newborn as another couple's baby.

According to reports, in 2014 a woman gave birth to a child and consented to giving the child to a couple she felt could better care for the newborn. 

The couple then reportedly submitted documents to have the child falsely registered as being their birth child. 

The police say the documents stated that the child was delivered during a home delivery under the supervision of Dr Shaun Wynter. 

However, checks revealed that the child had already been registered to the birth mother. 

The matter was reported to the Fraud Squad and Wynter later was arrested and charged with Forgery and Conspiracy to Defraud.

He is scheduled to appear in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court Wednesday, October 7.