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Young mother makes painful sacrifice for her son's welfare

Published:Thursday | September 24, 2015 | 2:11 PM
Alena Wright at work while pregnant with Jordon-Anthony.
Jordon-Anthony Myers
Proud Papa, Jerome Myers, with baby Jordon-Anthony.

hen Alena Wright discovered that she was pregnant in 2011, she knew that life would be difficult for her as she was working and attending college at the time. Despite this, she was thrilled, and in April 2012, she gave birth to her son, Jordon-Anthony Myers, with much happiness.

"My son is three now. He's way too energetic for me to keep up with; quick, school and book-wise; a little feisty; and very frank. He's also very gentle when needs be. He's a daddy's boy; loves sports, mainly football and track and field," she said of her bundle of joy.

But her predictions of difficulty turned out to be accurate, and like many young parents before her, the young mother and her partner, Jerome Myers, had to make the painful decision earlier this year to send their son back to family in 'country' so she could finish her education.

A long-time lover of all sports, Wright attends G.C. Foster College part-time while she works, and her hectic schedule means that she is not always at home to take care of Jordon-Anthony as she would like to. And while she enjoys the full support of Myers, who plays an active role in his son's life, the couple found that they could not be the full-time hands-on parents they would like to be for their little boy.


"We sent him to his grandmother in St Thomas in January of this year. Before that, he was between me, his dad, and there, but he was mainly here with his dad," Wright said.

She is wracked with guilt over the decision but is determined to work hard to finish school and to take advantage of every opportunity to see her son. She told Family and Religion that she reaffirms her special bond with her son by watching his favourite cartoons with him and going to sports events and family outings.

"I visit on weekends when I can afford it, and when he was off from school for the summer, I got to see him a lot more. We watch Dragon Ball Z or go to the stadium, and we talk track and field. I talk; he pretends to listen while he's busy taking pictures with my phone," she said.

Her ultimate goal is to start earning enough so that she can have her son with her full time. While she is very grateful for the support of her family, Wright is not always pleased with their decisions regarding Jordon-Anthony.

"Sometimes they allow Jordon to be rude. My mother spoils him. Whatever he wants, he gets," she said.