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Frankson kidnapping case: Former policeman begins defence

Published:Monday | September 28, 2015 | 7:00 PM

Former policeman Alpheus Wade on Monday began his defence in the 2011 kidnapping case of Kingston businessman, Marc Frankson.

Wade, who is on trial in the Home Circuit Court, testified that he was kidnapped in Manor Park,  St. Andrew and was blindfolded and placed in a car.

He said the car was driven around for hours before he was taken to a house.

The accused said the next day he was taken from the house by his kidnappers and brought to bushes in another location.

The ex-cop said a voice told him to walk and he did what he was told.

Wade said he managed to free himself and continued walking until he reached a road.

He said persons in the area informed him that he was in Bernard Lodge in St Catherine.

The accused testified that he took a taxi to Spanish Town and went to the Spanish Town Police Station to file a report about his kidnapping.

Wade said he was subsequently taken to the Constant Spring Police Station in St Andrew.

However, police theorise that Wade was the mastermind behind Frankson's kidnapping and is claiming to have been kidnapped as an alibi.

The trial is to continue tomorrow.