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Footprints: Anthony Winkler - Courageous artiste closes final scene

Published:Monday | September 28, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Anthony Winkler

The Institute of Jamaica has expressed deep regret at the death of noted Jamaica-born novelist Anthony C. Winkler, who, in 2014, was presented with the Musgrave Gold Medal for distinguished eminence in the field of literature.

The award came 10 years after Winkler won the Musgrave Silver Medal in the same category.

Executive Director of the Institute Anne Marie Bonner said she was deeply saddened at the passing of Mr Winkler, whom she credited with lifting the standard of Jamaican literature over the years, winning international acclaim and admiration.

Bonner drew reference to his courage and determination last October when he travelled to Jamaica, despite ill health, to receive his Gold Medal Musgrave Award. In the citation, Winkler was dubbed Jamaica's Mark Twain, "bristling with savage Jamaican wit and heart-stopping compassion".

Anthony Winkler won many awards during his career. In 2014, he won the Townsend Prize for Fiction for his book God Carlos, an exploration of Spanish brutality towards the Taino population in early 16th-century Jamaica.

Most Jamaicans will know Winkler from his book The Lunatic, published in 1987. The book proved to be so popular that a film adaptation starring Jamaican Paul Campbell was made and released in the island in 1990 and was premiered in the United States in 1992.

His novel The Annihilation of Fish was also made into a film. Winkler was born in Kingston in 1942 and attended Excelsior High School in Kingston, Mt Alvernia High School, and Cornwall College in St James.

He died on Friday, September 18, at his home in Atlanta in the United States.

The chairman and council of the Institute of Jamaica extend condolences to his wife, Cathy; daughter, Becky; and son, Adam.

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