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Manchester school targets literacy

Published:Wednesday | September 30, 2015 | 11:01 AM

HATFIELD, Manchester:

Undoubtedly, a firm educational foundation is one that propels a person forward and while several mitigating factors may deter one from such an experience, the Elpicharis Christian Academy is seeking to ensure it makes as many children literate despite the challenges.

"The school was started in order to address deficiency seen at the primary level with students entering primary school unable to read. Many students were leaving kindergarten unable to read and they would go through the entire primary level unable to absorb the material and were eventually left behind, continued on to to high school and leave still not being able to read. Many people wonder how children can go through the school system and end up not being able the read. The answer is simple: they did not learn to do so in their foundation years between three to six years old," said Annette Salmon, the school's project coordinator.

With an enrolment of 21 students, the four-year-old institution operated by the Hatfield Independent Baptist Church is now more dependent on donations made by benefactors and well wishers to outfit two new classrooms for adequate accommodation.

"The growth in its numbers from four students to 21 students is testimony to the hard work, dedication and commitment of the teachers, and the executive who devote many hours, materials and resources to the student's welfare and learning environment. All student who enter leave being literate and numerate, as the focus is on getting students reading. The target students are those with literacy problems and the schools major objective is to get all students reading properly by age five."

The institution is hoping to raise a million dollars from a major gospel concert slated for Sunday October 18.