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Christian Teachers launch Association for a Better Education System

Published:Thursday | October 1, 2015 | 10:25 AMTamara Bailey
Founder of the United Christian Teachers’ Association of Jamaica, Adesuwa Omoregie.
The United Christian Teachers’ Association of Jamaica choir ministering ‘I am Committed’.

Mandeville, Manchester:

With an aim to produce and empower morally conscientious teachers to transform lives, the United Christian Teachers' Association of Jamaica (UCTAJ) was launched on Sunday, September 27 at the Church Teachers' College in Mandeville.

UCTAJ is a non-denominational Christ-centred organisation with approximately nine board members across central Jamaica and a host of Christian teachers who are ready to promote sound Christian values based on biblical principles.

Spearheaded by lecturer at the Church Teachers' College, Adesuwa Omoregie, her inspiration to begin this venture was based on the state of the students and the school system in the country.

"In August 2014, I was severely overwhelmed with the various news items carried by our media houses about the magnitude of negativity that was paving and still continues to pave their (children's) lives. It was at this point that I decided to open an avenue for the birth of the UCTAJ."


She added, "I have a dream that very soon Christian teachers will lead students to a realisation of their self-worth through Christ. The UCTAJ will colour out its God-given mandate to equip, instruct, inform, and inspire Christian teachers in Jamaica and all over the world."

Principal of Church Teachers' College, Garth Anderson, believes that amid the maladies that exist, this organisation is timely in its establishment.

"History is in the making, as we all participate in the launch of such a vital organisation at a time of mayhem in our schools - turmoil, frustration, abuse of our children on the increase, and some degree of hopelessness among students, parents, teachers, administrators, and all persons who have an interest in education. It is also a time where secularism seems to have pride of place in how we relate and interact generally in our society."

Bishop of the Power of Faith Ministries, Delford Davis, gave a spirited charge, encouraging teachers to be true representatives of Christ, as those without Christ can impact a child negatively.

"I stand in solidarity in all the ways I can with the teachers of Jamaica because, indeed, your task is a formidable one and what I know, under God, you are equal to the task. He who stands by the Master will be ultimately rewarded by the Master.

"Be enthused, be joyful, have patience, and a good sense of humour. Be a motivator, be flexible and adaptable to the people you serve. Be positively contagious, believe in your students even more than they believe in themselves, develop positive relationships, and fulfil your purpose."

Christian teachers islandwide who wish to join this movement may send a request to